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Hi My name is Hajin Bae
(a.k.a. soulist-aurora).

I'm an illustrator & graphic designer & art director.
I live in Seoul, Korea.

This is all my gift for you.
They are started from my life:
Eternal happiness.
They are mine but 'inspiration' can be yours. So go ahead and take it if you want. :)

※ But please do not use commercially.
제 아트웍을 상업적으로 무단 사용시에는 법적 처벌을 받습니다.

Co-Creator: Bryjins

This is my childhood dream

I had a talent for music. I was a high soprano that represent of the elementary school. There is only one in the whole school. But I was not able to participate in the national elementary school chorus competitions. Because I did not have the money to buy clothing of national elementary school chorus competitions. But even now, I love music. Which is why I design & artwork, music albums. This is my childhood dream instead of giving made​​.