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Hi My name is Hajin Bae
(a.k.a. soulist-aurora).

I'm an illustrator & graphic designer & art director.
I live in Seoul, Korea.

This is all my gift for you.
They are started from my life:
Eternal happiness.
They are mine but 'inspiration' can be yours. So go ahead and take it if you want. :)

※ But please do not use commercially.
제 아트웍을 상업적으로 무단 사용시에는 법적 처벌을 받습니다.

Co-Creator: Bryjins

Artsy Fartsy Bryjin’s Magic Mix

Photographer Bryant Eslava and illustrator Hajin Bae Tumbl’d upon each other and instantly knew it was fate. One thing led to another, and BryJin was born. Combining Bryant’s photos of pretty young things with Hajin’s eye-popping illustrations, their multimedia work is one of the coolest things we’ve come across in a while. Brace yourself for an explosion of color and epic GIFs. - NASTY GAL